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Classes running every Tuesday and Wednesday night:

At Lifestyle Fitness Gym
Peterborough Rregional College
Eastfield Road, Peterboeough PE1 4DZ, See Map


Salsa, Beginners – From 8pm

Brazilian Zouk, Beginners – from 9pm



SALSA, Improver/Intermediates – from 8pm

Practica – from 9pm – 10pm                                                                                                                                       

Fees per person:
Single class: £6
Two Styles: £10
Commit to six weeks and pay only:
Full Term of six weeks , £30 
Full Term of six weeks two Styles: £54
Students with ID discount: Pay only £4
To Book your place please call:
Joao: 07435 296803
Book online:   
E-mail: [email protected]
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Choose a Class that suits your busy lifestyle, and take a look at our Frequently Asked Questions.

Yearly Schedule
TERM-1 07th January  2020
 12th February 2020
TERM-2 18th February 2020
 25th March 2020
TERM-3 31st March 2020
06 th May 2020
TERM-4 12th May 2020
17th June 2020
TERM-5 23th June 2020
29th July 2020
TERM-6 04th August 2020
09th September 2020
TERM-7 15th September 2020
21st October 2020
TERM-8 27th October 2020
02nd December 2020
TERM-1  05th January 2021
10th February 2021
   Up-Coming Term
 Current Term

Please note:

If you are enrol on any of our classes, please note that these might be cancelled due to insufficient numbers. These will be announced on our f/b page ‘Salsita Peterborough UK’

Dates and times may change, please confirm with the school before booking or turning up to classes on 07435 296803

Day Style
Instructor Fees
Tuesday Salsa
Beginners Joao

Brazilian Zouk

Beginners Joao £6
Wednesday BACHATA  7pm Open João/  £6
Wednesday  SALSA
 8pm  Impro/Inter João/
 Practica  9pm   All
The more you do more £££ you save
Six weeks
One style Full Term £30
Six weeks Two Styles Full Term £54
Students with ID   Per class £4
Private Tuitions
No of people
One Couple (2) £40 extra couple £20
Four + 2x group classes free Couple (2) £152 extra couple £76
Six + 4x group classes free Couple (2) £222 extra couple £108
Eight + 6x group classes free Couple (2) £288 extra couple £136


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Terms and Conditions

Salsa Workout

SALSASIZE the ideal way to get fit, while dancing to the exotic sounds of Salsa music, great way to burns calories, have fun and meetnew friends.


Salsa On1, Beginners:

You will learn all the very basic elements, body movement, technique and the basic steps of Salsa dancing including its origin. Based on basic steps you will learn an easy and fun routine. No PARTNER is required. (6 week course)

Salsa On1, Advance Beginners:

You will be thought basic technique such as: posture, lead and follow, your cross body move, rhythm (Musicality) and keeping the beat on the dance floor. All this, will be passed to you whilst learning smooth and sexy routines. Every week a new routine will be added to your repertoire. (6 week course)

Salsa On1, Improvers:

You are expected to know the salsa basics fluently. At this level we will teach you a more in-depth techniques together partner dance skills, Left and right turns whilst learning some groovy and sexy routines. Every week a new routine will be added to your repertoire. (6 week course)

Salsa On1, Intermediates/Advance:

Tailored for those who aspire for a better Salsa. We will teach you multiple spins, dips and tricks with some awesome and sexy combos that will allow you to shine on the dance floor. (6 week course)

Zouk-Lambada Beginners:

A sexy and sultry fusion of  French Caribbean Zouk and Brazilian Lambada. Here we will teach the very basic moves, body movement, ho to find the beat and technique to help you with your coordination and dancing abilities. (6 week course).

Zouk-Lambada Open:

If you are coming from a different school you will be required demonstrate that you are capable to execute the basic Corredor, zouk-walk.

A step up from the previous level, in which we will be teaching more in-depth technique on lead/follow and partner work, to make you feel more confident on the dance floor and some groovy combos. Every week we will add a new combo to your repertoire. (6 week course)

Bachata Moderna Beginners:

Hot, cheeky and sexy dance from the Dominican Republic. with an incredible romantic music, which leaves you wanted to stay dancing all night. At this level we will teach you the very basic steps, body movement and technique that will get you up and running. Whilst teaching you this groovy dance, we will include a sexy routine that you will be able to use on the dance floor and have some fun.

Bachata Moderna Open:

If you are coming from a different school you will be required demonstrate that you are capable to execute the basic side-to-side, basic back/forwards and left/right side turns.

In this levels you will be learning a more in-depth lead/follow techniques for dips and partner work whilst learning some smooth, cheeky and sexy routines. Every week we will add a new combo to your repertoire. (6 week course)

Performance team: Interested on taking your dance to an entire new level? Join our performance team and be one step closer to enter the competitive world of Salsa. Apply directly with João on 07435 296803, classes depend on the number of attendants (minimum 6 fully paid students).

Private Classes including Bridal dance and Performances: Also Available by appointment, Contact João: 07435 296803 or e-mail [email protected] OR Book Online Now

Private Tuition

Bridal dance Tuition


Group Classes

The number of students for Group classes, are limited to 30 students, in order to keep the classes more manageable, giving every dancer a chance to ask their questions and have an equal learning opportunity.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long can I remain at a certain level?

You can choose to remain on the same level for as long as you like to consolidate what you have learned and at the same time challenge your selves to a more complex moves (Highly recommended). This has been considered to give students a chance to master the dance faster, interact with new students to the school and encouraged them do the same.  Meaning that you can be an expert in Salsa or any other style at any level offered.

Do I need to bring a partner?

No!!!! You don’t need to bring a partner, although if you know of a male/female friend who is interested bring him/her along, to give yourself a chance to win “1 FREE CLASS”, or if you enroll two or more students you will receive “ONE HOUR PRIVATE LESSON ON THE STYLE OF YOUR CHOICE ABSOLUTELY FREE”. (Please mention this at the time of purchase to our staff. To receive your bonus prize those students you introduce to our classes must have been enrolled in full).

What skills do I need at each Salsa level?

Salsa On1, Beginners:

Level-1, no dance experience is necessary. In these classes we will be teaching you everything necessary for you to become comfortable with the art of Salsa dancing. Starting with L.A. Salsa basics, in particular the rhythm, timing and the ability to keep it while dancing, basic step, right hand turn, left hand turn and cross body lead. Then we will start from learning how to put together some cool routines, which you will be able to apply on the dance floor, concentrating on lead / follow techniques, for the men and ladies and also how to look cool and stylish on the dance floor.

Salsa On1, Improvers:

Student is expected to know the salsa basics, in particular to find the rhythm and timing on their own, basic step, right hand turn, left hand turn, cross body lead and a reasonable idea on how to lead for the men and for the ladies how to follow that lead. In this class students will be learning the hook-turn, open-break and more foot work with some new moves. Students are expected to dominate with ease, the basic steps together with, right hand turn, left hand turn, cross body lead hook-turns, open-break and maintain the rhythm on the dance floor. In this class we will consolidate your leading/following skills, other turns and moves, double spins and same time preparing you for more groovy and sexy moves that will be learning in the intermediate class.

Salsa On1, Intermediates:

Students must be confident at performing cross body lead, basic turns, spins and hook turns. Leads must be strong for the guys and the following of the ladies needs to be sharp. At this level students must be keen to learn more advance moves. In this class we will teach double and multiple spins combinations, groovy dips and ladies /men styling. This level is set in a higher pace, with continuous new moves throughout the four levels.

Salsa On1, Advance:

This class will only be available, to students who are absolutely ready for the complexity of its nature. A class designed for students who are already good dancers or at least with the confidence to perform all the intermediates moves with ease, also with certain ambitions towards future dancing, or interested in joining the performance team, or just interested in learning more advance moves. In this class students will be taken through tectonics to improve their styles to refine their lead/follow skills, multiple spins and turns, tricks, dips and aerial show moves.