João Pereira (principal instructor)

Founder of Salsita Dance School, Seventeen years experience in dancing, João has visited South America, Cuba, England, Paris, Malaysia and Singapore where he has learned from and met a variety of top instructors, which has given him his unique style. In Australia João was inspired and mentored by the top dancers such as Oliver Pineda, Jamie Jesus, Nestor Manuelian, Oren Soshan, Kadu Pires, Juan Ruiz, Juan Rando. João was the creator/promoter of the yearly event ‘Darwin International Latin Dance Festival. He have contributed and participated in the promotion of Lady Salsa, Bar at Buena-Vista, Judge at the Australian Salsa Championships in Sydney at the Australia Salsa classics and recently received an award for his outstanding collaboration towards the Latin Dance Industry in Australia.

João has been teaching for over 19 years. An experience that he will use to pass on to his students, both technically and styling, helping them bringing it on to the dance floor.


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