Now established in Peterborough UK since 2014. The school is open to all ages and ethnic back grounds.

Latin Dance is a contagious, addictive way of life, which popularity is growing rapidly throughout the world.

Besides being a spicy sauce, Salsa is a partner dance originating from Cuba, to a form of Latin music. Several countries, such as Columbia, Puerto Rico, Venezuela, LA and New York have all contributed to the development of salsa. However, Cuba remains the “home” of Salsa.

Salsa has a pattern of eight counts of music but only six steps holding two. In Salsa, turns and dips have become an important feature. We must give credit to Cuba for the origin and ancestry of the creation of Salsa. It was in Cuba that Contra-Danze later called Danzón, was brought from Haiti, and began to mix itself with Rhumbas of African origin and added to the Són of the Cuban people, which was a mixture of the Spanish troubadour (sonero) and the African drumbeats, flowered with a partner dance to the beat of the clave.

Salsita Dance School

Salsita was founded by João Pereira in 1998. Since then it has thought dance to thousands of students and participated in hundreds of events performances. It also featured as the major sponsors for the “Darwin International Latin Dance Festival” the largest Latin dance festival in Northern Australia.

Since 1998, Salsita have had the privilege to bringing loads of joy of Latin dance to thousands of dancers in the Australia and UK community, teaching the spicy and sexy moves of a variety of Latin dance styles such as: LA Salsa, Merengue, Bachata, Zouk-Lambada and Cuban Salsa.

João Pereira who is from African back ground (Cape Verde Isl.) was first introduce to dancing by his mother and father at an early age.

João kept his dancing interests mainly in a social level. It was not until much later in life that he was reintroduced to dancing, only this time it came with a different perspective. He started by learning Latin Ballroom, and about a year later he was introduced to Colombian Salsa street style, few months later introduced to Salsa On1 in Sydney by the late Jose Pratas at the Gleebe Town Hall (Sydney Australia) and subsequently started to teach Salsa On1 at Salsita Dance School for the first time.

João has visited many schools throughout Australia, South America, Cuba, England, and Paris where he learned a variety of styles and met with interesting instructors, which has given him his unique style. Today João is still the main figure behind Salsita Dance School, continuing to spread the love of Latin dance to thousands of people.


One hour Classes and three different styles every Week:
BACHATA Open: 7pm, Wednesdays
SALSA ON1 Improvers/Inrtermediates: 8pm, Wednesdays
SALSA Beginners: 9pm, Wednesdays
Zouk-Lambada Beginners: 9pm, Tuesdays
As a new school in Peterborough and like every where else we have to start from the bottom up meaning we have to build-up a following of new student and get them to go through the ranks, so far we have  two levels in Bachata currently going and salsa is yet to form its Improvers levels, which wont be long that it is achieved.
Students, new students and sympathisers are encourage join us on our facebook page: ‘Salsita Peterborough UK’ and post your thoughts discussions etc. ‘Lets grow together as a family’
 João’s wealth and style in Salsa dancing have been influenced by some of the best instructors around the world such as:
AUSTRALIA – Felipe Pailez Darwin NT, Jaime Jesus Manuelian (LDA), Nestor Manuelian (MV), Oren Soshan (SV), Oliver Pineda, five times world champion (LM) from Sydney NSW. Juan Ruiz (Bachateros) Sydney; Juan Rando (JRDA) from Perth WA. Kadu Pires (RR) from Brisbane QLD and  Gaspar Ribeiro From Adelaide SA.
USA – Al Liquid Silver, the creator of the Millennium Salsa style. Edie the Salsa Freak, spinning queen of Salsa dancing. Alex Lee, the Acro-Salsa, Ataca and Alemana.
UK – Isabel, Peterborough. El Niko, Peterborough. Nelson Batista, London.
CUBA – Adelaida and Wilky Habana
PORTUGAL – Nuno and Vanda, Nelson Campos
SINGAPORE – Jason and Jerrine

João was awarded for his outstanding contribution to the “Latin Dance Industry” at the Sydney Salsa Congress 2010, an award that he shares with all the Salsa dancers past and present from Salsita.

João has performed for several audiences’ such as: Ausdance NT events, was the main feature for the promotion of productions direct from Cuba such as “Lady Salsa”, “Bar at Buena Vista” and “Maximo de Cuba” hosted by the Darwin Entertainment Centre. He performed in numerous of fundraising events such as 2005 Aids Gala Ball. Performed, MCand DJ at the Latino Association annual parties, “Noche Latina” hosted by the MGM Casino Darwin and master minded the creation of the “Darwin Latin Dance Festival” in 2005, Inviting world class dancers such as: Jamie Jesus and Little Liz Australian Champions in 2005 from Sydney NSW, Mary-Grace Jose Martinez Qld champions from Brisbane and Mick McKoy Australian leading events promoter known as “Mister Salsa” just to mention a few.

Over the years this event have attracted both international and national finests instructors including australian’s only 5 times world champions Oliver Pineda and Luda Kroitor, Jason and Jerrine (Singapore), Nuno and Vanda (Portugal), Gregory Campillo and Jessica Diaz (Spain).

Joao Sydney

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Salsita Dance School has a fully comprehensive and easy to follow syllabus, in which allows students of any level to grasp and understand the mechanics of each dance style. Each style is divided into two levels and each level is divided into two syllabus except for Salsa, which has three levels and six syllabus, for more comprehensive teaching and technical learning methods.

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